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Gov. Hogan Accuses Officials Of Having Priorities That Are Out Of Whack

February 20th, 2020 by WCBC Radio

At a hearing this week, Baltimore Mayor "Jack" Young called funding for the Kirwan Commission's proposed education reforms "a matter of life and death." That did not sit well with Governor Larry Hogan.  Long a critic both of the commission's multibillion-dollar recommendations and of city leaders, the governor accused elected officials, including lawmakers, of having priorities that are out of whack. The governor told WBAL that in Baltimore, 43 people have been killed in 2020, 38 of them since the start of the legislative session. That followed Baltimore's fifth-straight year with more than 300 homicides. Hogan, a Republican, accused Democratic lawmakers, particularly the city delegation, of ignoring what he described as broad support in Baltimore for his own proposals, which include toughened penalties for repeat violent offenders and witness intimidation. He reintroduced legislation that would require a state commission to track and publish sentences handed down for violent crimes. Despite polls showing an overwhelming percentage of Marylanders naming crime as their biggest concern- Hogan says lawmakers are obviously not paying attention…


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