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Gov. Hogan Declines To Take Position On Whether Tax Dollars Should Be Given To Planned Parenthood

October 1st, 2015 by WCBC Radio

Maryland’s Republican Governor Larry Hogan declined this week  to take a position on whether state tax dollars should be given to Planned Parenthood as he faced mounting pressure from both sides of the aisle to make a decision. Nearly 75 Democratic state lawmakers wrote Hogan a letter Tuesday, urging him to continue to fund the organization in his upcoming budget.  But the governor, through a spokesman, had little to say on the subject. Hogan spokesman Matthew Clark said the administration will not provide details on the next budget until it is published in January.  While the state’s current governor has been mum on the subject, former governor Martin O’Malley, campaigning for president, was asked for this thoughts during a recent radio interview. While offering general support for the program, he said he could not comment on the controversial video’s that have surfaced in recent days….

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