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Governor Justice Announces Additional 5% Pay Raise for Teachers and State Employees

October 3rd, 2018 by WCBC Radio

On Tuesday West Virginia Governor Jim Justice surrounded by Republican legislative leaders announced plans to recommend an additional five percent pay raise for teachers, school service personnel, and state employees during the 2019 Regular Legislative Session. In addition to the five percent pay raise, Governor Justice announced the state would contribute $100 million toward a long-term solution for fixing the Public Employees Insurance Agency (PEIA) and stabilizing its future.


"Teachers headed back into their classrooms a few weeks ago with the largest aggregate pay increase in state history thanks to Governor Justice and Republican leaders in the legislature. Now, Governor Justice and the same Republican leaders are proposing an additional five percent pay raise for teachers and state employees and providing $100 million to stabilize PEIA health costs. Republicans accomplished this without raising taxes," said Melody Potter, Chairman of the West Virginia Republican Party.

Earlier this year, Governor Justice and Republican leadership passed legislation that provided an average five percent increase to the paychecks of teachers and school service personnel – the largest aggregate pay increase in state history. Additionally, during the 2018 legislative session, the Republican-controlled legislature allocated $30 million for PEIA to ensure the health care premiums for teachers and public employees remain unchanged.

Gov. Jim Justice said the commitment of $100 million to PEIA isn't the only component needed to fix the system, but it is a huge step forward along with the continuing work of the PEIA Task Force.

"I'm excited to join Governor Justice and my legislative colleagues today to share our plan to stabilize PEIA and further support one of West Virginia's most valuable resources – our educators – as we move into 2019," Senate President Carmichael said. "Today's announcement underscores our unwavering commitment to supporting the thousands of devoted educators across our state who work tirelessly to prepare West Virginia students for college and career success in today's 21st-century economy. By supporting our teachers, we are supporting our students and fostering a stronger West Virginia economic future for generations to come."

Earlier this week, Governor Justice announced that the first-quarter surplus for the Fiscal Year 2019 was $119.9 million – the highest first-quarter surplus in West Virginia's history. West Virginia ended Fiscal Year 2018 with a $28.7 million surplus, following the state's highest-ever general revenue collections.

"The policies that Republican legislators and Governor Justice have enacted since 2015 coupled with President Trump's tax cuts have ignited West Virginia's economy. Our economy is growing, there are more job opportunities, and hard working West Virginians have more money in their pockets thanks to Republican tax cuts and policies," concluded Potter.




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