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Grain Alcohol May Soon Be Outlawed

March 11th, 2014 by WCBC Radio

Grain alcohol, the cheap, potent booze that has been a staple at college parties for generations, is moving closer to being  outlawed in Maryland as university presidents have thus far been successful in pressing lawmakers to  ban it.  The house and senate have approved slightly different versions, meaning they will have to work out a compromise on the bill, in the final month of the legislative session. The law would forbid the sale of grain alcohol that's at least 190-proof, which contains 95 percent alcohol. Sometimes marketed as moonshine, colorless grain alcohol can be twice as strong as vodka and has been outlawed in at least a dozen other states. It's long been a mixer for the high-octane fruity concoctions whipped up by young drinkers, but in recent years has become a target of efforts to curb binge drinking on college campuses. Frostburg State University President Jonathan  Gibralter,  has drawn national attention for his hard-line, anti-alcohol stance. He called it an "extremely dangerous product" and said it’s a dangerous temptation for college students.


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