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Hogan calls for ‘common sense, bipartisan solutions’ in health care reform

May 12th, 2017 by WCBC Radio

The Baltimore Sun reports when it comes to health care policy, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said Thursday that he prefers to chart a middle path between Democrats who would like to preserve Obamacare in its present form and some Republicans who would like to repeal and replace it.

"I said to these guys — and I said it publicly — neither one of those is going to happen and neither one of those makes any sense," Hogan, a Republican, told the Carroll County Times in an interview Thursday afternoon during his daylong visit to the county. "As we've been doing on almost every issue, find common ground, find common sense, bipartisan solutions.

"I pleaded with our representatives to try and do that. Instead they came to Annapolis and held press conferences and demanded that I criticize Donald Trump," Hogan continued, adding it makes more sense to work together to improve the existing health care law. "Why don't you guys go back to Washington and work on it instead of coming out to Annapolis and trying to get me involved in something that is going on in Congress?"

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