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Hogan Previews State Of The State Remarks

February 1st, 2017 by WCBC Radio

Today, Governor Larry Hogan will deliver the 2017 State of the State address to the members of the Maryland General Assembly.

WCBC will broadcast the address just after 12 PM:

Following are excerpts from the speech:

“For two years now, working together with this General Assembly, we have chosen action over apathy. We have sought out common sense and common ground, rather than disparity and divisiveness. Working together, we have not been defined by party or ideology, but by our common purpose and our united obligation to solve problems to make progress and to bring real and lasting change to Maryland.”

“After two years of progress, Marylanders are heartened that the unifying promise of bipartisan change is being forged in reality. We have already accomplished a great deal but together we can – and we must – do more.”

“Maryland truly is Open for Business. We have already accomplished a great deal, but together we can – and we must – do more. The reality is not all Marylanders and not every jurisdiction in our state are seeing the same level of economic success…which is why we must come together to enact the Maryland Jobs Initiative, an innovative, bipartisan proposal which will provide incentives for the creation of thousands of jobs in the places that need them the most.”

“Last year we worked across the aisle to enact the Justice Reinvestment Act, which is the most important criminal justice reform in a generation. We worked to pass Noah’s Law, named after Montgomery County police officer – and a true Maryland hero – Noah Leotta. We have already accomplished a great deal but together we can – and we must – do more. This year we plan to work with you to enact our Justice for Victims Initiative to improve services for the victims of crimes and to reduce the number of future victims of crime.”

“We have been aggressive, proactive, and innovative in our efforts to safeguard Maryland’s environment. We have made a great deal of progress but together we can – and we must – do more. This year, let’s make targeted, common sense investments to support our green jobs initiatives, and to attract private investment for clean energy projects in our state.”

“Too often we see wedge politics and petty rhetoric used to belittle our adversaries and inflame partisan divisions…No problem faces us that hard work, honesty, and courage cannot solve if we work together.”

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