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Jack Knifed Truck Shuts Down WB 68 In Washington County

May 21st, 2017 by WCBC Radio

Type of Incident: Collision / Road Closure

Date and Time: Sunday May 21, 2017

Location: IS 68 West at 77 mm

Vehicle(s): Truck Tractor & trailer and 4 additional vehicles

Truck Tractor Driver: Christopher Robert Jackson 5/22/62 of Hamilton, Montana


On Sunday May 21st at 205 hours, Troopers from the MSP Hagerstown Barrack responded to the area of IS 68 west at mile marker 77 regarding a reported collision. A truck tractor traveling west on IS 68 struck the guard rail on the right side of the shoulder causing the unit to jack knife and lose its load of scaffolding. The tractor’s fuel tank ruptured leaking diesel fuel at the scene. Four vehicles traveling west on the roadway struck the debris and damaged their vehicles. There were no reported injuries from the collision. The roadway has been closed to all traffic during the clean-up efforts. Washington County HAZMAT responded to assist with the fuel spill. As of 0600 hrs, one lane of travel is opened for westbound travel.

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