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Job Market Nationally Improving

December 30th, 2011 by WCBC Radio

The outlook for the job market nationally is looking brighter. Far fewer people are seeking unemployment benefits than just three months ago — a sign that layoffs are falling sharply. According to a report this month, the number of people applying for benefits fell last week to 366,000, the fewest since May 2008. If the number stayed that low consistently, it would likely signal that hiring is strong enough to lower unemployment. The unemployment rate is now 8.6 percent. The last time applications were this low, the rate was 5.4 percent. Job openings have risen by about 35 percent since the recession officially ended in June 2009. But they’re still about 25 percent below pre-recession levels. More than 7.4 million people are receiving unemployment benefits. With the New Year approaching, Maryland U.S. Senator Ben Cardin says without question- jobs and the economy remain at the top of this list…

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