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Justice discusses potential need for mask requirement

July 5th, 2020 by WCBC Radio

With a resurgence of COVID-19 cases being seen in other states across the country in recent days, Governor Jim Justice urged all West Virginians on Thursday to remain on high alert and to be prepared for additional safety measures to be put in place to safeguard residents.

“If, God forbid, this virus comes back at us, we need to be able to stop it, and one of the ways we can stop it is by wearing masks,” Gov. Justice continued. “And so, I want everyone to know that I am very, very seriously considering that, at the beginning of next week, we may very well have to go to mandatory masks inside buildings, other than your homes, where you are not able to social distance."

Gov. Justice added that he will consult with state health experts and members of his administration, looking at additional case numbers over the weekend before making a final decision. The Governor urged residents to wear a mask whenever in groups and warned high-risk individuals to avoid large crowds as much as possible. Gov. Justice is also recommending that those traveling out-of-state self-monitor and get tested upon returning to West Virginia.

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