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Kelly Disagrees with Obama on Marijuana; Disapproves Legalization

May 1st, 2014 by WCBC Radio

With a majority of Americans now in favor marijuana legalization, President Barack Obama is now saying weed is no more dangerous to individuals' health than alcohol- however you can county Delegate Kevin Kelly among those strong disagreeing with the President. In an interview earlier this year  President Obama said while he believes marijuana is "not very healthy," the drug isn't as harmful as some insist, adding that he doesn’t think it is more dangerous than alcohol.  Fresh off the Maryland General Assembly session that ended with a vote to approve decriminalizing marijuana- Kelly, a democrat who represents Allegany County,  said the new law is pointing the state in the wrong direction- and putting young people at risk. Kelly told the Chamber of Commerce that decriminalizing marijuana, while having no other regulations in place, can lead to kids and adults having to enter the criminal “underworld” to make purchases.


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