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Kirwan Commission Says MD Needs $3 Billion To Close Education Gap

September 24th, 2018 by WCBC Radio

The Kirwan Education Commission says Maryland needs at least $3 billion to help close an education gap.  Alvin Thorton, former chairman of the Bridge to Excellence Commission, or Thornton Commission, said the state must hold up its end of the bargain. If the commission’s recommendations are passed, education funding would start out at $125 million and eventually grow to a half billion dollars a year. The additional funding from the casino money would go toward renovating and building new schools. Allegany County Commissioner Bill Valentine, a Kirwan Commission member, has grave concerns with the projected price tag. He feels this has been a political football with democrats wanting Governor Hogan to veto any bill- which would paint him as being anti education…


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  1. September 24, 2018 at 8:22 am, Bill Valentine said:

    The $3 billion figure came from MABE. The Kirwan Commission has not done any pricing out for their proposals ( probably greater than $3 billion)


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