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Little Momentum for Secession Group

October 22nd, 2013 by WCBC Radio

There hasn’t been much momentum gained since the summer months when first reports surfaced of a plan by a group of Maryland residents to secede from the state. Saying they are frustrated with what they believe is a government that is far too liberal for rural Maryland, the group says it wants out. Western Maryland is made up of five counties whose residents largely vote Republican and feel under-represented at the state capitol, run by Democratic Governor Martin O’Malley and a Democrat-controlled legislature. The movement began in July as a social-media effort, with activist Scott Strzelczyk starting a Facebook page titled the Western Maryland Initiative- but has since garnered significant media attention.  Maryland Public Television recently talked to a number of political science professors about the plan- and the concensus is that while the frustration may be justified, seceding is not practical. Matthew Crenson, Professor Emeritus in Political Science at Johns Hopkins University…


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