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Local Emergency Communications Gets Needed Upgrade

February 10th, 2016 by WCBC Radio

With the local emergency communications system not having received a major upgrade for about 50 years- its not surprising to hear Allegany County’s director of Emergeny Services call a plan to significantly enchance the system, a “big deal”.  Allegany County has joined the Maryland FiRST Interoperable Radio System, a statewide emergency frequency that can be accessed by state and local public safety agencies. Addressing the Cumberland Rotary Club, Dick Devore said this system connects first responders to one secure radio system, allowing all parties access to one another. In addition to interoperability, responder radios will come equipped with built-in safety features and global positioning systems. Police radios will have encryption, allowing protection of information among law enforcement. Perhaps the biggest advantage the new system will bring is an expanded coverage area…

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