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Marchini Comments on Foote’s Removal

October 23rd, 2019 by WCBC Radio

Laurie Marchini, who claimed to have been groped by Foote at a school  board function, was a member of the board last year when the vote was taken asking the state to remove Foote. Now a member of the Cumberland City Council, Mrs Marchini told WCBC News that accusations of the former board playing politics are unfounded…

Under Maryland law, the governor "shall appoint a new member to fill any vacancy of an elected member’s position on the board for the remainder of that term and until a successor is elected and qualifies."   Foote now has the right to a de novo review of the removal by the Circuit Court for Allegany County- and he also is not prohibited from running for the office again as early as next year. Board members Robert Farrell, David Bohn, Deb Frank and Tammy Fraley were not immediately available for comment. Farrell and Bohn have agreed to be guest Wednesday morning on WCBC’s “Dave Norman Show”

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