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Maryland Lawmakers To Receive Raises

March 25th, 2014 by WCBC Radio

At a time when some lawmakers are fighting against an increase in the state’s minimum wage- Maryland legislators are in line for a 15.7 percent bump in pay over the next four years, and they don't have to ask to get it. Lawmakers are quietly giving themselves the  hefty pay raise-  as the fight continues to raise the state minimum wage.  Delegates Kelly, Myers and Beitzell as well as Senator Edwards have all voiced opposition to the proposed minimum wage hike. The only legislative record of this stealth pay increase is a Republican resolution rejecting it, and that's going nowhere. A salary commission recommended the increase. Legislators currently make $43,500. The increases will put them at $50,330 for a part-time job. The decision comes from two independent salary commissions authorized by the state constitution. If legislators don't lower or reject the raises, they go into effect automatically. House Minority Whip Kathy Szeliga admits this is not a good time for salary hikes for lawmakers….


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