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Mayor and Council Adopt New Economic Development Plan

December 3rd, 2014 by WCBC Radio

The Cumberland Mayor and City Council made it official Tuesday night, voting unanimously to officially adopt the 2014 Strategic Economic Development plan as developed by RKG Associates.  Highlights in the five-year draft plan include short-, mid- and long-term goals, with the  short-term concept including the former Memorial Hospital site. A mid-term development concept would apply to the Canal Place, Rolling Mill and Willowbrook Road area. Areas targeted for long-term development include the Cumberland Shopping Plaza and South End. The plan recommends the city create an online database of available properties that could be used as a tool for potential businesses that might want to move to the area. It also recommends the development of an education/workforce program to train potential employees for targeted industries being recruited to the area. The development of home-based business was also recommended as a good choice for the city. The plan also calls for the expansion of residential housing downtown particularly for the elderly. The proactive marketing of target industries for recruitment is recommended. The plan targets the healthcare and social services industry. City Councilman Nick Scarpelli said developing and accepting the plan is the easy part of the process- putting it into action will be far more challenging….


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