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MD Lawmakers Debating “Fracking” Once Again

March 4th, 2015 by WCBC Radio

Lawmakers in Annapolis are wading once again into the heated debate over whether to allow "fracking," or hydraulic fracturing for natural gas, in Maryland. Environmentalists and Western Maryland business owners and residents worried about fracking's risks held a rally outside the State House at noon Tuesday- as they are pressing for legislative action to prevent the state from going ahead with the controversial drilling technique. The Maryland Department of the Environment is weighing adopting regulations that would permit fracking, ending a 3 1/2-year de facto moratorium while the state studied the issue. But opponents contend that the state's study did not take into account recent research raising more concerns about fracking's risks.  The state commission that studied the issue reached no firm consensus, in fact there were wide differences of opinion among commission members.  Allegany County Commissioner Bill Valentine served as a member and only has his pro fracking stance strengthened. He said there is no need for another lengthy study…


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