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MD School Board Member Anticipates Legal Challenge To Post Labor Day School Start

October 19th, 2016 by WCBC Radio

Maryland school board member Chester Finn has sharply criticized Governor Larry Hogan, following the governor's latest executive order on starting school after Labor Day. Finn, a Hogan appointee, called Hogan's order limiting school systems' ability to obtain waivers to start school before Labor Day "very bad education policy" adding that it would leave little room for school districts to do what they believe is best for students. Finn says that Hogan never consulted with the state board before requiring last month that school districts start school after Labor Day. While there are critics, polls show that the post Labor Day mandate is extremely popular with most Marylander’s and for that reason Finn is skeptical that members of the general assembly will move to overturn the  order. With little other options, he anticipates there could be a legal challenge at one point…


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