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Miltenberger Vows to Remove Fluoride in Mayoral Campaign

May 8th, 2014 by WCBC Radio

Although she won’t make it a specific campaign issue, Cumberland mayoral candidate Mary Miltenberger says- if elected- she will once again fight to see fluoride removed from the city’s water supply. The age old debate of adding the cavity-fighting chemical to Cumberland’s drinking water reached its high water mark in 1988 when voters ousted popular two-term mayor  George Wyckoff from office. Wyckoff supported the city's short-lived fluoridation of its water- while his opponent, Harry Stern did not. Stern’s successful campaign was partially boosted by support from the Pure Water Committee- a citizens group opposed to fluoridation of the water. A few years later fluoride was once again added to the water supply in Cumberland Miltenberger was, and remains strongly against fluoride- and is now a candidate for mayor along with incumbent Brian Grim and veteran firefighter Jeffrey Grogg.  Miltenberger tells WCBC News that she has concerns with what she believes is a contaminated city water supply.


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