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MSP Hagerstown Barrack Launching Effort to Reduce Fatal Accidents

June 16th, 2014 by WCBC Radio

(HAGERSTOWN, MD) – In an effort to reduce traffic fatalities in a county that has had more than any other Western Maryland county for the past three years and is on pace to again have that ignominious distinction, the Commander of the Hagerstown Barrack in Washington County is launching a traffic enforcement initiative aimed at reducing distracted and aggressive driving in Washington County.

Lieutenant Michael Fluharty, Commander of the Hagerstown Barrack, has ordered his Troopers to strictly enforce traffic violations for all distracted and aggressive driving. Lt. Fluharty is implementing an effort to increase patrols in problem areas and will be working with other law enforcement departments in the county on undisclosed dates. Traffic citations for these offenses subject drivers to the possibility of fines and points on their licenses if found guilty of the offense.

Lt. Fluharty’s order comes in the wake of three recent traffic fatalities involving aggressive and distracted driving in Washington County. The purpose of this effort is to bring awareness to the increase in aggressive and distracted driving in the county, as well as the reality of the injuries and deaths caused by these needless driving behaviors. The Hagerstown Barrack has received an increasing number of traffic complaints from motorists and residents in the county who are concerned about the safety risks caused by these types of drivers. Lt. Fluharty and the troopers at the Hagerstown Barrack are committed to doing whatever they can do to save lives and keep the motoring public safe.

Washington County has led Western Maryland in traffic fatalities for the past three years and is one of the few counties in the state not to see a decrease in traffic fatalities in 2013. So far this year, 16 people have died on Washington County roads, compared with eight at this time last year.

Statewide, the number of traffic fatalities on Maryland roads in 2013 was the lowest in more than five decades. The 2013 preliminary figure of 466 traffic fatalities was the lowest since 1961 when 461 highway deaths were reported. Lt. Fluharty hopes this strict enforcement program will contribute to an increased awareness among Washington County drivers and a decrease in the number of traffic deaths, as much of the rest of Maryland has experienced.

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