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New Allegany Project Architect to Meet with Board Engineers

November 12th, 2015 by WCBC Radio

Efforts will continue today to further reduce the cost of the new Allegany High School with the project architect meeting with county and board of education engineers. With just $35.2 million secured, members of the  school board were shocked in early September when contractor estimates came in around  $60 million- or about $20 million above projections. Since that time the board has worked with the state and the county to secure additional funding, and those efforts have paid off with the state coming up with another ten million, and the county another four million. Best guess estimates at this point is that the project cost now stands between  $52 and $53 million.  Vince Montana, facilities director for the board of education,  said that the board’s adjusted funding package request has been sent to the state’s Interagency Commission on School Construction to await approval…


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