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New Traffic Laws Go Into Effect Oct. 1st

September 30th, 2013 by WCBC Radio

Starting Tuesday, two new traffic laws will go into effect in Maryland that will impact just about everybody who gets behind the wheel.  The first makes holding a cell phone to your ear while driving a primary offense, rather than secondary. The second requires every passenger in the backseat of a vehicle to be restrained by a seat belt. Buel Young, spokesman for the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, said the change to primary enforcement for cell phones means a police officer can pull drivers over just for that infraction.  Up until Oct. 1, the hands-free cell phone law was considered secondary enforcement, meaning police had to have another reason to pull you over, but once on the side of the road could also cite you for having the phone in your hand. As for the seat belt regulation, A spokes person for AAA Mid Atlantic says it basically removes the age restriction…


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