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Nine Candidates Running For Board Of Education Seats

January 29th, 2020 by WCBC Radio

When the deadline passed Friday night, a total of nine candidates had filed to run for one of three open seats on the Allegany County Board of Education. In 2018, David Bohn, Robert Farrell and then incumbent Wayne Foote ran a unified campaign, appearing in videos, radio spots and newspaper advertisements together. As a result the trio was often referred to as the “The Alliance” or “The Three Amigos.” The alliance of the three continued as board members for much of 2019- a year that was filled with split 3-2 votes and heated debates with Farrell, Foote and Bohn often at odds with board members Deb Frank and Tammy Fraley. The seats currently held by Bohn, Fraley and Ed Root are open, with all three incumbents filing for reelection. Rounding out the list of candidates are Crystal Bender, Stephen Lewis, Michael Leptic, Deb Litman, Tony Ottaviani and Linda Widmyer. Fraley told WCBC News that she would hope to see more independent campaigns this election year- and no alliances or slates of candidates interested only in gaining voting control of the board…


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