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Overall Update On Greater Cumberland Regional Airport

April 19th, 2012 by WCBC Radio

Expansion of the runway at Greater Cumberland Regional Airport is still several years away, but behind-the-scenes work is almost complete. Former Cumberland Mayor Lee Fiedler, a member of the  Potomac Highlands Airport Authority, provided an overall airport update to the Allegany County Chamber of Commerce’ Economic Development Committee Wednesday morning- including shedding some light on the recent decision to terminate Airport Manager Terry Malone. That action was taken in closed session in late February and neither Malone nor members of the Authority offered comment or a rational afterward. Fiedler said Malone wasn’t actually fired, that it was a case of the manager wanting is position expanded to that of full time- and that was something the Authority is not prepared to do. That, said Fiedler, is what led to the parting of the ways…

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