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Pavilion New Site of Homeless

November 22nd, 2011 by WCBC Radio

In the latest saga of the battle between the homeless and the city of Cumberland, the pavilion near the George Washington Headquarters is just the latest point of emphasis in what has become an eye sore to tourists and locals alike. WCBC News received a call pointing to the new hot spot for those who sleep overnight and loiter during the day. The area around the pavilion is littered with fast food wrappers, plastic and paper bags, as well as cigarette butts.





















Other areas in the downtown area have been plagued with the homeless, including the Heritage Parklet on Baltimore Street, and the waterfall parklets on Mechanic Street and Liberty Street. Recently, the Downtown Heritage Parklet was renovated, in an attempt to bolster to look of the area which had previously been occupied by Cathy Coughenor.



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