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Pledge Of Cooperation With Regards To Future Use Of Current Allegany HS

December 7th, 2011 by WCBC Radio

Although it is not legally binding, the Allegany County Board of Education, County Commissioners and the Mayor and Council of Cumberland released a joint statement last night pledging cooperation with regards to the future use of Allegany High School once the new school opens. Representatives from the three government bodies met over lunch Monday afternoon, and following that meeting, drafted a public statement which was read into the record during Tuesday’s City Council meeting. It was two weeks ago that an overflow crowd debated the future of the Allegany building, with some council members concerned that there were no safeguards in place from preventing the aging facility to sit idle in the coming years, blocking development opportunities. The statement agreed upon essentially says outlines an agreement to work cooperatively to redevelop the site, if and when it is declared surplus and the building demolished. Councilman Harold Butch Hendershot said it was a remarkable demonstration of teamwork…

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