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Police continuing safety measures on Haystack Mountain

November 20th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

Maryland state troopers are continuing their focused enforcement efforts on I-68 in the Haystack Mountain area as part of the state’s coordinated response to reduce traffic crashes in the region, especially those involving commercial vehicles.


In response to complaints of speeding and several tractor trailer crashes, the Cumberland Barrack is working with the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration to review the latest data and develop responses covering both enforcement and engineering.  Regular patrol duty troopers have been directed to increase focused enforcement in this area.  Additional troopers on highway safety grant-funded overtime have also been assigned to this initiative. 


Troopers from the Cumberland Barrack are continuing speed enforcement on both the east and westbound sides of I-68 in the area of Haystack Mountain.   During the week of November 10, troopers initiated 186 traffic stops on vehicles for speeding and other violations.  In addition, troopers assigned to the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division (CVED) at Finzel, initiated 29 stops on commercial vehicles for traffic violations in conjunction with completing 29 inspections.  This resulted in placing 2 commercial vehicles and 1 driver out of service. 


Maryland state troopers are committed to the safety of all those traveling on our highways in any part of our state.  Troopers from the Cumberland Barrack are deployed to areas where crash and traffic stop data indicate enforcement is needed most.  Their enforcement focus will continue on I-68 in the area of Haystack Mountain for the indefinite future. 


3 Responses to “Police continuing safety measures on Haystack Mountain”

  1. November 20, 2019 at 5:57 pm, j.r. lepley said:

    I was working on I 68 all day,today.i made several trips up and down haystack,and I omly saw ONE state trooper with one truck pulled over,they need to be there everyday,instead of once and a while,


  2. November 21, 2019 at 4:41 am, Ann said:

    Wednesday morning on my way to work, I saw a tractor trailer in the left lane going east bound even though there is signage restricting truck traffic to the right lane. No cop in sight.


  3. November 21, 2019 at 6:53 am, mac said:

    Either they have repeated an old blurb or there haven’t been any new traffic stops since the week of Nov. 10th. Those are the same numbers they ran last time. I remember chuckling to myself about the 1 driver taken out of service. It sounds as though some trooper used his weapon and put the driver down.


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