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Police seaching after hangup call

November 5th, 2014 by WCBC Radio

The Cumberland Police Department is currently attempting to locate an individual who may be suffering from a medical problem.  A call, made by a young child in the age range of approximately 5 years old, was received by the Allegany County Health Department in which the child advised that their mother was choking, went to sleep and now she cant wake her up.  The child advised that she lived on First Street and that she was looking for her grandmother named Robin.  The caller then hung up the phone before any further information could be received.   Officers responded to the Health Department to gather any information they could and then door to door checks began in the area of First Street in an attempt to locate the residence.  C3I responded to the scene to assist with the search and to use other investigative techniques to try and locate where the phone call originated from.  The Allegany County Sheriff's Office was also notified of the call and deputies are currently checking the locations of First Streets listed in the county.  If anyone has any information about the possible location of this residence please contact the Cumberland Police Department immediately at 301-777-1600.

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