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Positive Reports Streaming In On Chesapeake Bay

October 18th, 2012 by WCBC Radio

After a spate of bad news about the Chesapeake Bay's health, some positive reports are slowly streaming in.  Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley says his administration has made a concerted effort to clean up the Bay, even having to make some decisions that have proven very unpopular with county governments. Those unpopular ideas are headed by mandated upgrades to waste water treatment plants that cost millions of dollars. For the improvements to the Georges Creek system alone, tax payers are looking at nearly $9 million dollars for the local share. Despite such negative feedback from local governments, Governor O’Malley says the results are beginning to show. The so-called “dead zone" that forms every spring is smaller than average so far this year. Water sampling done in early June by the Department of Natural Resources found dissolved oxygen levels too low to be suitable for fish, crabs and shellfish in just 12 percent of the bay, according to the department's "Eyes on the Bay" web site…

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