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Pressley Ridge Awarded Grant

August 14th, 2017 by WCBC Radio

In response to the increasing need for support of families affected by opioid and other substance abuse in Allegany County, Pressley Ridge of Western Maryland has been awarded a grant in the amount of $350,000 from the Maryland Community Health Resources Commission (MCHRC) to provide intensive in-home services. Families eligible for services are those whose children are at an imminent risk of placement or those who are in placement and cannot return home without intensive in-home services. Risks for placement include children who are victims of abuse and/or neglect and those who have been exposed to risk factors such as substance abuse, domestic violence, mental health and/or other disabling conditions of the parents. Referrals will come from the Allegany County Department of Social Services.


Pressley Ridge will be utilizing the HOMEBUILDERS® model to deliver these services. HOMEBUILDERS® provides intensive, in-home crisis intervention, counseling and life-skills education for families who have children at imminent risk of placement in state-funded care. It is the oldest and best-documented Intensive Family Preservation Services (IFPS) program in the United States.


“The Commission is thrilled to support Pressley Ridge and the implementation of the HOMEBUILDERS® model in western Maryland,” said Mark Luckner, Executive Director, MCHRC. “This evidence-based program will help assist families experiencing substance use issues and will promote family preservation.” The grant to Pressley Ridge is one of 21 grant awards made by the MCHRC this year.


The goal is to prevent children from being unnecessarily placed out of their homes by providing intensive, on-site intervention in addition to teaching families new problem-solving skills to prevent future crises. The HOMEBUILDERS® program removes the risk of harm to the child instead of removing the child from their home environment. The HOMEBUILDERS® model will bring services directly into the home of identified families, making services accessible and consistent and outcomes more achievable.


“Pressley Ridge is thrilled to be able to work with our community partners to tackle the ever increasing problem of opioid addiction and the devastating impact this has on children and families,” said Mary Beth DeMartino, Director of Pressley Ridge of Western Maryland.


The United Way of Allegany County is also providing monetary and collaborative support. United Way’s mission directly aligns with the HOMEBUILDERS® initiative: to create long lasting changes that address the underlying cause of community problems, such as substance abuse.

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