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Price Tag Biggest Deterrent To CEDC – County Merger

November 25th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

Allegany County Commissioners President Jake Shade providing a less than optimistic update on ongoing talks with the Cumberland Economic Development Corporation.

The biggest deterrent to a deal may be the one million price tag to oversee economic development and tourism identified by the CEDC in a memorandum of understanding sent to the county last week. The CEDC handles economic development for the city of Cumberland- and negotiations began this past summer to see that organization merge with Allegany County to create a joint city/county economic development operation. Shade tells WCBC News that given the financial request, he would expect the county to have control over what ever economic development entity is ultimately created…


2 Responses to “Price Tag Biggest Deterrent To CEDC – County Merger”

  1. November 25, 2019 at 5:30 am, mac said:

    That figure is completely ridiculous! I can go to the County office building and continue to do absolutely nothing for $478,000. Believe me, I’m worth every penny.


  2. November 25, 2019 at 6:32 am, Steve said:

    Makes me wonder if the City is overpaying this group to get nothing accomplished for “Economic Development”. I believe there may be an elected City official on CEDC Board of Directors….Conflict? ABSOLUTELY!

    County needs to BACK OFF QUICKLY.


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