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Purchase of Luke Mill Appears Imminent

January 19th, 2021 by WCBC Radio

WCBC News has confirmed through a number of sources that a firm is close to finalizing an agreement to purchase the Luke Mill and it’s wood yard. The firm, known as Whiskey River, would establish a lumber related business at the mill, which was shuttered by Verso Corporation in May of 2019.

Estimates for the new venture are in the neighborhood of 200 jobs created. In addition to the jobs on site, the plant is expected to reinvigorate the logging industry in the region, which took a major hit when the mill closed.  At least part of the business would involve manufacturing wood chips, which would be marketed internationally, and, possibly, domestically. 

WCBC News has also learned that the two paper machines sold to Turkey are presently being disassembled for shipment. Closing will not occur until the machines have been removed from the property.

Verso succeeded New Page as owner of the mill in 2015. The location had produced paper, mostly notably under the Westvaco banner, for 131 years.

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