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Recapturing the 6th District Seat Will Be Challenging for Republicans

December 28th, 2012 by WCBC Radio

Come January 3rd western Maryland’s congressional representation in Washington D.C. will be a democrat for the first time in two decades.  On that day, John Delaney will be sworn into the office held by republican Roscoe Bartlett since 1993.  Bartlett, a conservative, was first elected as the Sixth District’s representative in 1992 defeating Tom Hattery who had pulled off an upset victory over  Congresswoman Beverly Byron in the democratic primary that year. Bartlett then reeled off easy wins in the next 9 elections- however a newly reconfigured district saw far more democrats than republicans in 2012, and many new voters from more liberal areas. As a result Delaney defeated the incumbent, garnering more than 58% of the vote. Bartlett, who routinely visited his local office in Cumberland during his twenty years in Washington, tells WCBC News that re-capaturing the seat from Delaney in two years will be a difficult task for the GOP.

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