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Reduced Highway User Funds Top Subject in Recent Meeting

October 12th, 2017 by WCBC Radio

Not surprisingly, when Allegany County officials met last week with Maryland’s Deputy Secretary of Transportation, the subject of the reduced share of highway user revenue counties receive from Annapolis was near the top of the agenda.  Allegany County, like other Maryland counties, has spent years trying to get back some of the millions of dollars it received in highway user revenues from the state before allocations were reduced sharply during the Great Recession, but it remains an uphill battle. It's a battle the Maryland Association of Counties, of which Allegany is an active member, has been waging in Annapolis so Maryland's 24 jurisdictions can get additional money to repair local roads.  Deputy Secretary Jim Ports said the Hogan administration has fighting the General Assembly for three years trying to restore highway user funds…


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