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Republican challenger blasts Delaney as “career politician”

July 28th, 2016 by WCBC Radio

The press office of GOP Sixth District congressional candidate Amie Hoeber has released a statement pertaining to incumbent John Delaney:

Articles have recently come out confirming the commonly held belief that John Delaney is preparing a run for Governor of Maryland in 2018 – bolstering his image as a career-politician. 

In response, Amie Hoeber,  gave the following statement:

“These articles expose John Delaney’s open secret: his public life is career-driven, not constituent-driven. For him, Congress is just the stepping-stone to his next job. That is why he’s rubbing shoulders in Philadelphia this week, not shaking hands in Hagerstown.

I am running for Congress because I can no longer watch job growth stagnate and terrorism spread. I can no longer watch Delaney vote with Obama almost all of the time to the detriment of our District because he cares more about his gubernatorial run than his constituents. He endangered our District’s job security when he voted to fast-track TPP, and he endangered America’s national security when he voted for the Iran deal.

I believe in term-limiting career politicians. Let’s send Delaney a message this November: we need a representative who cares more about our District’s future than his own.”

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