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Revocation Of Airport Board Seat Suggested To Be Due To “Deep Philosophical Split”

April 14th, 2016 by WCBC Radio

The Potomac Highland Airport Authority’s decision in February to revoke the city of Cumberland’s seat on the board was met with much controversy- and the former longtime chair of the authority suggests the move was made as the result of a deep philosophical split on the board. Jim Stahl served for more than a decade on the authority, first as treasurer and then as chairman when it was first established in the 1990’s. Current chair Dr Greg Wolff has said a gradual move toward Allegany County has been taking place for some time since the city does not contribute to the operational costs of the airport. Stahl says that while it’s true  the city of Cumberland doesn’t make an annual allocation to the authority- he believes the city more than made up for an annual payment when it turned over ownership of the airport property to the authority. Stahl says at the heart of the split among some on the board centers on economic development versus providing more favorable rates for local airport users…


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