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Rolling Mill Holdouts Could Have Impact On Redevelopment Project Looks Like

October 2nd, 2017 by WCBC Radio

Holdouts in the Rolling Mill area could have a significant impact on how the Maryland Avenue Redevelopment Project ultimately looks like-and as a result nothing about the project is etched in stone at this point.  Paul Kelly, executive director of the Cumberland Economic Development Corporation said recently that the stated goal of the project is to essentially demolish the homes that sit in that area allowing for the development of commercial opportunities. Sitting off of Interstate 68’s exit 43- the area is viewed as a prime location for commercial use. The target area is to be developed by Frederick-based Cumberland Gateway Real Estate LLC.   Kelly said he realizes that some property owners in the neighborhood will not sell their homes- and that will have a definite impact on the final plans. While there are guidelines established as to what will not be permitted- there are no definitive ideas as to what will go there…


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