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School Lunches To See Price Increase

June 13th, 2013 by WCBC Radio

The Allegany County Board of Education voted to adopt a 2014 fiscal year budget on Tuesday that will include an increase in school lunch prices. The food service division of the school board has been in debt for many years, primarily because a large number of parents simply don’t provide their kids with lunch money- knowing that the school is required to provide a meal regardless. The board voted to increase lunch prices 10 cents, the maximum the federal government will allow in one year, for elementary, middle and high school meals. Elementary lunches will now be $2.30 while middle and high school lunch meals will be $2.50. The increase might make a dent in the deficit, but won’t offset it. School lunches have been subject to several debates during school board meetings, as it’s an emotional issue for some board members. Board member Mike Llewellyn said if it means that every student in the system will be provided with a well balanced breakfast and lunch each day- he can live with the deficit…


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