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Second Chance Act Critics Believe Information Should Not Be Kept From Potential Employers

November 9th, 2015 by WCBC Radio

Last month, the Second Chance Act of 2015, went into effect In Maryland. The law allows eligible persons to petition a court for “shielding” (or sealing) certain misdemeanor records.  This is the first time Maryland has authorized limits on public access to conviction records other than nuisance offenses and offenses that have been pardoned.  Critics point out that such information should not be kept from potential employers- as it’s important for them to know if a person considered for hire has a criminal background that could jeopardize the business.  1C Delegate Mike McKay, a business owner, said that while he believes in giving second chances- he also feels it’s important for the business owner to know the specifics of a person’s criminal background…


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