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Shade Assumes Commission Presidency After Year Wait

January 4th, 2016 by WCBC Radio

When the clock struck midnight Friday to ring in the new year- it also began a new era in Allegany County politics with Jake Shade becoming the new president of the county commissioners. Shade assumes the position at the age of 22- easily making him the youngest commissioners president in the state of Maryland. The position was held last year by Bill Valentine. Although still just one of three votes, the position does have a few more responsibilities including signing agreements and presiding over meetings. There is also a marginal pay raise also comes with the post. An Allegany County commissioner makes $32,639 annually. As board president, Shade will earn $33,765. Shade was elected to the board of commissioners last year and received the most votes. While no policy in place, historically, the elected commissioner with the most votes takes the presidential seat, but Shade decided to wait a year. Shade thanked Valentine for his year of service in what can be a difficult position…


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