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Shade, Morriss Talk Streamlining EMS Services

February 27th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

Although the purpose of a new task force appointed by Allegany County and the City of Cumberland will be to look at all areas of government that could be consolidated or more streamlined- both sides agree that any real savings will come from Emergency Medical Service operations. Last year the county spent $2.8 million on emergency medical services last year- after taking over the struggling Frostburg service. County officials have been working to find a way to control EMS costs- and combining services with the city may lead to lower expenses. Commissioners President Jake Shade said that of all the departments and services being looked at- without question EMS has the potential to lead to the significant savings…

Cumberland Mayor Ray Morriss emphasized that even if city and county EMS operations are steamlined- it will not come at the expense of quality of service…

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