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Shade to Assume Commission Presidency Going Forward

December 9th, 2015 by WCBC Radio

The Allegany County Commissioners, as part of their final public meeting of the year next week,  expect to elect commissioner Jake Shade as the board’s president going forward. That position has been filled for the past year by Commissioner Bill Valentine.  Although there are no policies or criteria in place for selecting the president of the board, it was become common place following recent county elections to elect the top voter getter to the position. Valentine tells WCBC News that although Shade was the top voter getter in last year’s election, it was decided at the time that one of the incumbents fill the seat for at least the first year of the new four year term.  Shade, a first time candidate, and newcomer to elected office, agreed- with the caveat that he assume the presidency following year one.  Valentine said that he, Shade and Commissioner Creade Brodie Jr have a tremendous working relationship in office, and a change in the presidency will have little or no impact on the day to day operations of county government…


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