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Social Media “List” has parents concerned in Keyser

February 11th, 2017 by WCBC Radio

Many students from Keyser High School have recently received a list through Instagram or another form of social media which has caused some concern among school officials.
The Mineral Tribune reports the list, which was titled "Reasons why KHS is Bull S**t" and urged students to pass it on, was numbered 1-30 and took aim at a wide variety of topics at the school. Who created the list is still unknown, and school officials and authorities are taking the list very seriously. The list pokes fun of school spirit, the Sophomore Variety Show, dress codes, and even grades. Many teachers and school administrators were the brunt of jokes on the list. While some of the comments on the list seem like actual legitimate concerns that a student may have, including drug deals happening in the school while administration focuses more on dress code, and bathrooms being closed due to fellow students vandalizing them, the list also contained some cruel remarks on other students.
Principal Mike Lewis said that the school was looking into it and attempting to track it back to the source.

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