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South Penn Holds Fundraiser to Benefit Schwab Family Cancer Center

April 22nd, 2016 by WCBC Radio

For the third consecutive year, South Penn Elementary School’s physical education teacher, Mark Harbaugh, has organized an event to raise money for the Schwab Family Cancer Center at the Western Maryland Health System. Once again, the fundraiser has been a continued success while providing an opportunity for students to give back to the community as all proceeds from the event benefit the Center’s patients in need of financial assistance.

               From April 11-22, 2016, South Penn students had the chance to put donations into a red baseball cap, and classes were competing for rewards. One such incentive to donate was the chance to win the cap through a random classroom drawing. Each grade had one winning classroom whose baseball cap recipient got the opportunity to throw a pie in Mr. Harbaugh’s face. The overall winning classroom earned the privilege of duct tapping the P.E. teacher to a wall.

               Mrs. Ricker’s first grade class was the lucky overall winner for collecting a total of $429.21. Fifth grade students were successful in collecting $661.29; fourth grade collected $115.44; third grade collected $244.90; second grade collected $262.96; first grade collected $555.65; kindergarten collected $212.12; and pre-k collected $147.92. The grand total for the fundraiser was $2,201.28.

               Since the inception of this fundraising event at South Penn, students have collected and donated a total of $5,407.72 to benefit the Schwab Family Cancer Center. Anyone interested in making a donation should contact the Center at the Western Maryland Health System. 

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