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Speaker Busch Comments on Term Limits

June 1st, 2016 by WCBC Radio

It’s a debate that is a few decades old: should politicians have limited terms? A Baltimore Sun editorial came out against the idea, citing the toll term limits take on effective legislating and their anti-democratic nature. Others note that there is some evidence that the more entrenched legislators become the more they vote to increase spending and raise taxes. But there is also evidence that such turnover hurts the ability of legislatures to govern effectively. While the debate continues in Maryland, its highly unlikely any serious efforts to establish term limits will take place. Maryland’s House Speaker Michael Busch has been in office since January of 1987- and has been speaker for the past 13 years. In a recent interview on the subject, he said its the voters who are the best ones to determine whether there needs to be a change in office holders…


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