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State Board Of Education Has Not Yet Made A Decision On Status Of Wayne Foote

September 9th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

Still no decision from the state board of education on the status of Allegany County School Board member Wayne Foote- but speculation about possible replacements has already begun. Foote has been charged with misconduct in office based on a number of accusations- and a state ruling is pending. In July an Administrative Law Judge conducted a hearing on the matter with his opinion to be submitted to the state board for consideration before taking action. Foote has maintained that the allegations are unfounded and he expects to be exonerated. If the state does decide to remove Foote from the board- it’s expected he will appeal- and that could lead to an interim appointee to serve on the board until the appeal is settled in Circuit Court. Two names have already surfaced: former Allegany County and State board of education member Ed Root; and former Allegany County Commissioner Bill Valentine.  Valentine lacks the education related experience of Root, but he has served two years on the Kirwan Education commission; and at one time acted as the county’s ex-officio member of the board of education. The state board’s next meeting- where the Foote issue could be decided- is set for September 24th…

2 Responses to “State Board Of Education Has Not Yet Made A Decision On Status Of Wayne Foote”

  1. September 09, 2019 at 10:04 am, kevin said:

    Of the two, Dr. Root is a much better choice and is actually well qualified. If keeping an idiot majority intact is the desire here, then Bill Valentine is the way to go.


  2. September 09, 2019 at 1:11 pm, Katamino said:

    If Board member Foote is removed, the only choice is Bill Valentine to fill this seat. He does not have the “baggage” of a dismal record in support of educators. Moreover, Root’s testimony against Foote makes any consideration of him appear self-motivated and his motives highly suspect. Bill Valentine is the only person who can bridge the divide between the Allegany County Commissioners and the BOE. This divide removed the commissioner ex-officious member of the board for the first time in its history- is a divide that occurred under Ed Root. Moreover, Bill Valentine has rightly earned the respect of public policy leaders throughout the state. He is a sincere, honest, hardworking gentleman who has the skills, historical understanding of state, county, and local intergovernmental affairs required to be a highly effective board member. Bill Valentine is not just the right choice-he is the only choice.


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