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State Police Perform Diabetic Rescue On I-81

November 6th, 2015 by WCBC Radio

A tractor trailer driver called 911 to report a possible intoxicated driver on I-81 entering Maryland from Pennsylvania. Trooper First Class D. Burleson was in the area, and located the vehicle on I-81 near Showalter Rd, in Hagerstown. Trooper Burleson stopped the vehicle and immediately knew he was dealing with something other than an intoxicated person. First Sergeant K. Dominick stopped to assist on the traffic stop, and quickly determined they had a medical emergency on their hands. The driver was barely conscious and his breathing was labored.

The driver, who was later identified as Charles Henson, was in the midst of diabetic shock when Troopers stopped him. He was deteriorating quickly when the Troopers jumped into action. With limited capacity Mr. Henson was able to communicate his difficulty while Troopers called for EMS. First Sergeant Dominick was able to locate what may have been Halloween candy in Mr. Henson’s vehicle. By administering sugar to the driver, it slowed the effects of the shock and brought back Mr. Henson enough to be cared for by medical personnel.

The traffic stop by the Trooper and the quick reaction and recall of first responder training by both Troopers saved the life of at least one motorist today.

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