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Storms Rip Through Area: Two Taken To Hospital From Kitzmiller Days

July 22nd, 2017 by WCBC Radio

Saturday was a day of thunderstorms rolling through the area, starting around 11 AM in Garrett County and continuing through much of the afternoon for most of the WCBC listening area.

Kitzmiller Days was in progress at the town in Southeastern Garrett County, and a wind sheer event pulled several tents off of their posts.  Eyewitnesses say that the tents and frames blew into spectators, and at least two were taken the Garrett County Regional Medical Center for treatment.

Patti Chenowith Janson supplied WCBC with these photos, and said, to her knowledge, injuries were limited to bumps, bruises and tissue damage.  Janson and several friends were struck by a large commercial tent.

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