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Sunday alcohol sales to be put to a vote in Garrett County

December 11th, 2015 by WCBC Radio

Alcohol could be sold on Sunday across Garrett County if voters pass a referendum next year. The Cumberland Times News reports the Garrett County Liquor Control Board requested a daily liquor license but the initiative wasn't supported by county commissioners – who favor a referendum vote, said Debbe Owston, administrator of the board. Paul Edwards, commission chairman, said a referendum on Sunday liquor sales last year passed in some precincts. "To override the result of that vote such a short time afterward would really say to those voters that their vote doesn't matter. This board is reluctant to do that," said Edwards.  Currently, 13 establishments in the county have liquor licenses but can’t sell alcohol on Sunday, said Kevin Null, county administrator. 

The proposed vote would be held in 11 districts and precincts that are currently not authorized for Sunday alcoholic beverage sales including:

• Friendsville, Grantsville, Bittinger and Mountain Lake Park for off-premises sales.

• Bloomington, Gorman, Pleasant Valley, Kitzmiller and Crellin for on- and off-premises sales. 

Last year, approval of off-premises sales allowed package stores in East and West Oakland, Swanton, Jennings, Accident, Sang Run, Finzel, Deer Park, Elbow and Avilton districts to sell take-out alcoholic beverages.

Also, voters approved on-premises sales with a meal for Friendsville, Grantsville, Jennings, Accident, Deer Park, Bittinger and the Mountain Lake Park districts. 

On-premises sales were approved in previous elections in the Swanton, Sang Run, East Oakland, Finzel, Elbow and Avilton districts.

Deep Creek Art and Wine Festival organizers requested legislation extending the amount of days from three to five that requires those who have a wine festival license to return an unopened wine bottle.

The request was made due to the delivery schedule and the distance, Kevin Null, county administrator said. 

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