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Suspicious driver not bank robber

September 19th, 2011 by WCBC Radio

An apparent misunderstanding  saw schools in south Cumberland placed in “lock-in” status as Cumberland City Police scrambled to locate a man believed to have been armed at the M&T Bank location that was robbed last week. It turned out to be a false alarm. According to a source, on Friday of last week a construction worker on the job was approached by a man in a vehicle asking for directions to M&T. A fellow worker believed he saw a gun in the vehicle. Law enforcement and the banks were notified. On Monday afternoon, the same vehicle was spotted in the parking lot at M&T. Police responded and eventually caught up with the suspicious vehicle near Martin’s Market on Park Street. A search was conducted with the drivers consent, and after interviews it was determined that he was simply trying to open an account, and was not involved in any criminal activity. Schools were removed from “lock-in” status shortly after two.

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